PE Imports

The format of an operating system’s executable file is in many ways a mirror of the operating system.
–Matt Pietrek

PE or Portable Executable is the Windows executable file format. Studying the PE format helps us understand how windows internals function which in turn makes us better programmers. It is even more important for reverse engineers who want to figure out the intricate details of often obfuscated binaries.
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Mobile Botnets

Mobile platforms provide botnet creators with new threats and challenges. There is a significant need for academic papers that analyse, predict, or mitigate the production of mobile botnets. Even designing a new botnet as a warning and proof of concept can be beneficial to security researchers. This article describes the state of research in mobile botnets and suggests open problems for academics to solve.
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Dynamic Analysis of Applications

There are several ways to analyze Android applications for suspicious behavior. These are typically categorized as static or dynamic analysis. Static analysis evaluates code without executing it while dynamic analysis tests the behavior of code during execution. This article will discuss current dynamic analysis techniques for Android applications and the open problems associated with them.
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